Work Work Work

I get up every day at 8-9 am, occasionally earlier…. I go to sleep between 12-3am… I don’t sleep well either… 

When I am awake, I am working… Not all of this work is paid either.. Why would I do work I am not paid for? Responsibility and a calling of something higher. 
I wake up and begin my day with taking care of my partially disabled mom, the rescue animals & pets and the fair sized edible garden I have (Takes about two hrs to water it all). This series repeats again in my afternoon and again before bed, since my mother has 8 screws and like four plates in her back it can cause her trouble walking often so I also do all the little things.. In between these things, I clean and cook.. I hate cleaning, I keep a look out for a good local domestic submissive. 
I also own my own small business where I work on a variety of things. 
I also make canned goodies, like jam, jelly or pickles, and other such goodies.. I bake sometimes too, my pumpkin bread is to die for.. 
I make jewelry sometimes, but to date mostly navel rings.. They are awesome. 
I paint giant abstract pictures in brilliant colors.. (which is more of a sometimes paid hobby) 
I even make clothes sometimes.. 
And I model (though I wouldn’t call modeling a lucrative business, something more on the hobby end.. Much like painting) 
My baby though, is a website I have spent years working on.. But can never find the last thing it needs.. A proper honest, able, and working web developer.. 
The animal rescuing done here is for mostly small exotics, or animals no one else wanted because they were sick, dying or a pain in the ass.. 
Nooooo grants or benefits of any sort are taken in for my mom or the animal work. 
All out of pocket my friends, minions, and fans.. 

Why write all this? So that you understand when I say I am busy, I am truly busy.. 
I make time for the things I do, the messages I post, the videos I make… ETC